Smart Lending

Boost conversion and revenue by targeting your customers with a precise loan offer at the right time, using our Smart Lending API-based solution.

Send ultra-personalized offers and increase sales and revenue per user

Inswitch Smart Lending allows identifying each user individually to send ultra-personalized offers, significantly improving acceptance rates, which increases sales and revenue per user.

Business Intelligence tools analyze user behavior to deliver the best possible offer at the best possible time.

IDB-awarded machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence segment users, determining the types of products to which your customers will have access to.

The behavior of users within the solution is analyzed with Business Intelligence tools, micro-segmenting them and determining their credit rating, in order to send them the best possible offer. 

Since the micro-segmentation process can get as micro as one-to-one, customer experience improves to the highest degree. 

Client Portal

Keep track of all transactions and manage the whole business with our Client Portal tools and reports. Have KPIs, trends and business performance tracked in real time.


With our 360 Fintech-as-a-Service omnichannel platform, engage your customers and delight them with a modern digital experience, through the channel they love the most.

White Label

We understand that your brand is key to UX. You can easily style all channels to comply with your own corporate image guidelines and policies.


You can offer your customers Smart Lending, benefiting from all the advantages of a hosted model.

Multi Currency

Enable multi-currency transactions and conversions, based on defined foreign exchange rates which can be set manually or automatically, using market indicators.

24/7 Support and Monitoring

Full-time online assistance for faster issue resolution, direct supervision of the platform, and any required maintenance activity to guarantee high availability and the best performance.

Keep transactions safe and compliant.

Sophisticated security features and prevention capabilities protect your customers and the entire solution from any threats, across all channels. 


Transactional data and user information are encrypted, following the latest world-class security standards and complying with local regulations.

Fraud Detection

Define your fraud prevention strategy with AML policies, rules, user scoring, allowlist/blocklist, restrictions and screening against OFAC watch lists. Protect your business by setting up automatic alerts when suspicious activity is detected.

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