Learn how our ARPU Up Suite platform can help in this COVID-19 scenario

March 26, 2020
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March 26, 2020 Inswitch

To tackle COVID-19, the measures proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO), of social distancing and quarantine, are crucial to help decrease the spread of the virus in the population.

The situation has caused a high demand in communication services and data, which has consequently implied an increase in the need to top up quickly and from our home. Unfortunately, not all users have access to this.

Our ARPU Up Suite platform allows to offer a new way to top up from our home, based on a line of ultra-personalized microcredits with one-to-one segmentation technology, thus helping to maintain the continuity of communications, while #StayingAtHome.

ARPU Up Suite segments customers by analyzing their history data combined with machine learning algorithms, in order to determine the types of products and amounts that are adequate for each user. With these algorithms, ARPU Up Suite creates a user profile and an individual score to send a precise offer at the right time.

Sending personalized offers to users at the right time contributes to a better client experience.

ARPU Up Suite has made it possible for different clients to improve their ARPU by over 10% and their sales of balance loans and data packages by up to 600%.

Through its loan services, ARPU Up can be a great technological solution within the COVID-19 scenario and the commitment to stay at home.

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