Social responsibility at Inswitch: Contributing to education.

November 29, 2019
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November 29, 2019 Inswitch

Last week IN Switch made donations to an educational institution within the framework of its social responsibility activities.

The benefited institution was the public school number 326, from the Montevidean neighborhood Casavalle, in Uruguay. Volunteers from our company delivered school furniture -desks, chairs, whiteboards, bookcases, among others- and different sports elements. 

At IN Switch we believe in the importance of education as a pillar for the development and construction of each person and a better society. We also trust the promotion of sports and entertainment, to contribute to a healthy life.

Culture, experience, knowledge, rules of coexistence, moral and ethic values, are acquired through education. That is why, as society actors, we support and help to collaborate with its development.

In a very pleasant conversation with the volunteers, they shared the experience that they lived with the school donations, which they described as very enriching. “We had a very nice reception from the schools official, as well as from each child” commented Andrea Amaral, one of the volunteers of the IN Switch team. 

“When we arrived, and together with one of the teachers, we toured the school facilities, where we observed the effort and dedication to provide the best care and training for each child”, said Victoria Minetti.

Mauricio Bermúdez told us that “the children gave us a lot of love, they conveyed their humbleness, their good values and their innocence, making us feel part of their community”.

“A moment that marked us all was when the children shared  their musical learning experience with us. We thought the teachers did a great job in using a resource as fun as music to teach about various topics that matter today, from environmental protection to Uruguayan history.” Giuliana Buffa told us.

Gonzalo Perea added that “regarding the music, we can highlight the importance of the style chosen by the teachers (Rap), which carries a message of awareness towards society and, from my point of view, it was very well used, giving a nice and clear message in the lyrics of the songs”.

To conclude, the volunteers  thanked IN Switch “for allowing us to live this unique and enriching experience.”

We share some pictures of the moment:

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