Inswitch was invited by GSMA to participate in the workshop “Mobile Money APIs: Expanding the digital financial ecosystem’ in MWC19

February 25, 2019
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February 25, 2019 Inswitch

GSMA team has extended an invitation to IN Switch to participate in its MWC 19 workshop. The workshop provides the opportunity to share the current context of the API Mobile Money and the progress towards the adoption of the same. The objective of the workshop is to discuss how this and other initiatives can have an impact on the growth of the digital financial ecosystem.

What is API Mobile Money?

In 2016 GSMA Mobile Money led an initiative with mobile money providers, platform providers and third-party stakeholders to publish a first set of mobile money API. The latter simplify the association with the mobile money industry as a whole and offer an advanced and secure functionality for user. They allow companies to take advantage of the new opportunity to use mobile money as a tool for enterprise and retail payments. Also, business can generate innovative new products and services, further accelerating the digital financial ecosystem.

Mobile Money API has now arrived in Africa, Latin America and South Asia. This expansión is an indication of industry-wide collaboration and the commitment to embracing new technologies and increasing financial inclusion.

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