Inswitch sets foot in Brazil and Israel and brings its digital wallet to the world

February 18, 2019
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February 18, 2019 Inswitch

Last week our CEO Amilcar Perea was interviewed by the newspaper “El País” with the purpose of announcing the arrival of “IN Switch” in Brazil and Isarael. Read the full interview:

“We transformed the version of that product to simplify it and make open projects in the use of that technology,” explained the manager of the Uruguayan IT company, Amílcar Perea.

Amilcar Perea CEO of IN Switch. Image taken of the businessman

With its flagship product, the digital wallet, on a new level, the Uruguayan IN Switch disembarks in Brazil and prepares the ground to set foot in Israel and grow in more markets.

“We started a big change, now the wallets are in the cloud of Microsoft and Amazon. We transformed the version of that product to simplify it and make open projects in the use of that technology, “said Amílcar Perea, manager of the IT company. According to Perea, in particular, it achieves greater speed in the implementation time (almost 40%), which used to be between eight and nine months, and lowers the costs. “That makes it much easier for clients to make decisions because now they pay by use and before they had to make a very large investment,” he said.

With that ace up its sleeve, the firm can take its wallet to other markets and prepare its regional and global expansion. Its first step was to open an office in Brazil (Porto Alegre) in January. “We are in almost all of Latin America, but in that country we had a low presence; and that office will open other opportunities because it is a market prone to grow in developments such as ours, concerning financial inclusion. We chose Porto Alegre, over San Pablo, for cultural and social proximity reasons, and the impact that the gaúchos have on the different companies,” he said.

IN Switch, which will again be the only Uruguayan firm at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, is getting ready to set foot in other markets such as North Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. For such purposes, it will visit Israel to create synergy with the Fintech ecosystem and open an office in that country in the second half of the year. “Over there we will establish a center for innovation and technological research on topics such as Artificial Intelligence and big data,” he concluded.

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